Friday Free Pop Up Clothing Swap

Newest Happenings at the Fort Bragg Food Bank

When you think of the Fort Bragg Food Bank you think of community, dedication, and of course FOOD! We have been serving this coastal community for decades and the giving doesn't seem to have an end in sight. Our programs have grown and we are expanding daily. The newest program started as a once a month Saturday clothing event turned weekly Free Clothing Pop Up Swap, every Friday from 11a-4p. We have volunteers and clients alike joining forces with our staff and crew sorting, folding and setting up clothing to be given for free and looked through by community members. There are men's, women's and children's clothing to be given out and our clients are beyond grateful. Come visit and check out what we have to offer and grab some food, some clothing and a smile when you come to the Fort Bragg Food Bank. See you down at the warehouse!

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